How do I start a career in Individual Support ?

Everything you need to know about a career as Care Worker

Maybe you volunteer informally or look after a loved one, young or old, able-bodied or someone living with a disability?

Maybe you have a different job at a facility and want to  work as a carer if the opportunity arises?

Maybe you are making a career switch?

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Take your passion for caring and shine a light for people who need your help the most...

Our Individual Support Certificate Courses

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Why Aged Care Matters?

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Why Choose Kenvale for Individual Support Training?

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A 50 year reputation in education is just the beginning.

There are several reasons why Kenvale have added Aged Care to Kenvale's scope after 50 years delivering Hospitality Courses:

  • Kenvale believes respect for the human dignity of each person is key for the provision of excellent and genuine care for our most vulnerable people in society and fostering meaning personal development through aged and disability care work.
  • Accordingly, Kenvale advocates that training for care workers should not only be framed as the acquisition of practical and technical skill but should also include learnings about the uniqueness of every human being, empathy and the implications of this for personal care work.
Why Kenvale?
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Other Aged Care Resources

The State of Aged care in Australia

If you’re a compassionate, caring   person with a kind heart, this guide will provide many good reasons to work in an Aged or Personal Carer role.


The Australian Aged Care Royal Commission Report

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Seek a better Aged Care system

By 2050, 3.5 million Australians will be accessing aged care services every year. As Personal Care Workers, they will play outsized roles in provider...

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