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Why Study Hospitality Management?

Choosing a Career is a daunting task, even for those who know what they want to do and how to go about it. So whether you are unsure, curious or already know that you want to pursue a career in hospitality you are in the right place. We want to help you make the best choice for you.

Aspiring to be qualified.

In every way, I need to know what I don't know!

Please select the best that describes your situation

I'm in the industry but need qualifications.
I'm a School Leaver in my gap year
Career Changer
Wrong Choice

I'm in the industry but need qualifications.

I aspire to be qualified
I need a formal qualification.
Become the best for the hospitality industry.

There's always demand for the best. The Hospitality industry always continues to develop, businesses such as cafes, restaurants and hotels and these types of enterprises always need good staff and have trouble recruiting.

Chef + Kitchen hand (Back of House)

I want to become a kitchen hand or specific type of Chef
I need experience while I work and or study.

Why is attitude so important for your hospitality career?

When it comes to finding employees in the hospitality industry, what do you think employers believe is most important - great skills or a good attitude? While having high quality skills is vital, if someone has a poor or negative attitude, there is no doubt that they will struggle to interact with people and craft a long career in the service sector.

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Are you better suited to a front or back of house role?

Jobs in the Australian hospitality sector can be classified into two general areas: back of house and front of house. Each are suited to people with different skills, and both are vitally important to the operations of an establishment.

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How can you handle the pressures of working in a fast-paced industry

Have you experienced stress or a stressful situation? You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has lived a stress-free existence - it's part and parcel of human life and our body is designed to react to a challenge.

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I need to:

  • Earn money or more money (with a formal qualification)
  • During your time enrolled in a course (qualification) you can attract paid work
  • A formal Hospitality qualification attracts paid work
  • Secure a trainee-ship
  • Formal qualification in Hospitality industry to help you while you study at uni
  • Find or explore a new pathway(s) and the experience you may have always wanted in Hospitality.
  • Learn what the Hospitality industry is all about and looks like
  • The Hospitality industry is a ‘global’ industry..How? Why? Is it for me..?
  • Study and work at the same time
  • What is Hospitality and Where can a qualification take you?
  • A Hospitality Management Qualification with Kenvale inherits endorsement to work at leading workplaces.


Does a vocational qualification give you better career prospects than a university degree?

Whether you're fresh out of high school or simply looking for a change in career, choosing your pathway to success is a decision worthy of serious thought. You want your chosen tertiary education to set you up for career success after graduation and in the long-term.

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Leaving high school? Study cookery, hospitality or events

Choosing a career path straight out of high school is daunting. It's hard to know exactly what you want to do with your life before you've had the opportunity to explore the workforce and develop your passions.

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Already in a job role and want to change career?

  • Have you become complacent with daily grind on the current role
  • The Hospitality industry is exciting - things are constantly changing and evolving ...Why? because of the customer. The customer is always different and changing. So too, the hospitality industry must evolve and wrap around this change.
  • Do you need or want a formal qualification in Hospitality industry for the position it may entitle you to?
  • Not happy with your current state?
  • Want something that aligns better with your passion or to up-skill and take on a different challenge, altogether and in a new direction?
  • Do you specifically have a lean towards a career pathway in hospitality or related industry?
  • Want to gain Recognition of Prior Learning and want to follow their passion?
  • You may be mature age (21+) plus and up to 65 yr old but not restricted EG: at RSL, semi-retired, lonely etc
  • Are you of older-age, semi-retired wanting to stay active, negate loneliness?
  • Do you need to move from home to a professional environment and want to get qualified to have or get a leg up?

What's the work-life balance like in hospitality management?

Hospitality management is an extremely rewarding career path - but it doesn't come without challenges. As in any industry, work-life balance can be a major obstacle for many working in hospitality.

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It's not late to change careers to hospitality - here's how you can do it

Did you know that around 30 per cent of your life is spent working? Yes, this could mean that you have to deal with at least 30 years of offices, bosses and stress.

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I need :

  • A formal qualification in Hospitality industry to get me back on track or find paid work
  • An alternative since changing my mind
  • because of wrong course selection
  • Have dropped out of uni/course/voc ed etc..
  • Have you ever sat in a university lecture and thought "this is so boring" or "I want to learn practically"? Well at Kenvale the practical learning never stops with our
  • Hospitality Courses
Meet Student: Byron Faulkner
Studying: Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Event Management (combined)
In this video: Byron talks about what studying events/hospitality at kenvale involves
Meet Student: Ismael Visbal (Columbian)
Studying: Changed careers to a Diploma in Hospitality Management with a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
In this video: Ismael talks about Why he chose Kenvale
Meet Student: Monika Serlinskaite
Studying: Diploma in Hospitality Management with a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
In this video: Monica talks about the benefits of studying at Kenvale

What does the ideal Hospitality industry candidate look like?

A natural born leader with a love for food and service and looking forward to those special moments throughout the day that keep you going.
A keen mind for dispute resolution and passion for bringing a smile to people's faces and an interest to work in hotels or restaurants .

Job Skills Shortage

The hospitality industry continues to grow, meaning that there will always be the need for skilled and qualified personnel.

According to IBIS World research, the booming restaurant industry is worth a staggering AU$12 billion a year. The same source also states that hotels and resorts generate an extra $6 billion annually.

Therefore there is very little chance of the jobs ever drying up but the key is qualified personnel and more recently trained personal with experience.

From the employers side, it is harder than ever to find and recruit quality  employees who meet the skill requirement for their position, fit in with the kitchen team and the culture of the venue and will stay for the long term. This is a great reason to get started in the Hospitality industry and most importantly to get started with the right line up and entrée into the industry.

Download Why Study Hospitality Guide

Industry Statistics


Businesses in the cafe and restaurant sector reported recruitment deficiencies.


Additional jobs required by the tourism and hospitality industry sectors in Australia


Value of the booking restaurant industry

*details credited form the IBIS World research report 2015-2020

Skills needed

What are the right soft and hard skills needed for a Hospitality Management Career?

Soft skills typically encompass introspective and interpersonal skills that are much harder to learn or quantify without the benefit of real experience. Soft skills are similar to emotions or insights, in that they depend somewhat on character and intuition. That's not to say, however, that these cannot be learned.

Meanwhile, hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that can be more easily defined and measured, and are easily achieved with the right qualification. The hard competencies required for success as a hospitality manager depend largely on the individual specifications of the management role.



Career Pathways once the skills are acquired?

If you are considering a course in hospitality management, you might be wondering what kind of career prospects will be available to you after graduation.

A qualification in hospitality management provides graduates with the opportunity to work in multiple fields within the Hospitality industry. 

Accommodation Manager

Working in accommodation management means that you are responsible for the efficient operations of the establishment including budgetary control, business planning and people management. Building upon these skills could also lead to a number of career paths and graduates might find themselves working in one of a range of roles.


Study. Work. Life.

Industry employment

Getting your first break into the hospitality industry is a pivotal aspect for those who are ardent about pursuing this career path. The hospitality industry is one of diverse avenues ranging from an event planner, restaurant owner, chef and many, many more!

Australia's hospitality industry is experiencing a skills shortage at the moment, particularly when it comes to more senior positions. The food and beverage industry is growing more competitive, Ferrier Hodgson research has pointed out. This means operators need to increasingly find ways to stand out from competitors. One way they can do this is hiring staff with the business skills to help enhance their offerings and help them succeed.

A vocational education and training (VET) event management qualification incorporates paid work experience into your study, allowing you to earn money while you study. This work-integrated learning structure makes VET qualifications extremely attractive for careers-focused high school leavers, as it means they can gain a wage and experience straight away.

"We believe that by working with integrity and passion we can shape our students to become better people in society."

— Michael Ghazi, Industry Liaison and Fundraising Manager

Kenvale Career Percentage with Icon, Vertical (1)

Why is it so important to look forward into your future and potential career, before you start?

Industry experience is vital which is why it is at the core of every course offered at Kenvale and why we have the strong belief that this is why our graduates have such a high employment rate in comparison to the national standard.

Some interesting statistics and benchmarks

To date, many of Kenvale Students obtain full-time employment within 1 month of graduating.

Kenvale boasts graduate employment success

To ensure future graduate success, Kenvale College works with its industry partners to give students a holistic experience and understand what it’s like to work in their selected industry from their first year of study.

This is unique in the instrustry and a genuine value add to any prospective student.

The college tailors the curriculum and teaching methods to meet the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry, shaping future hospitality leaders.


Industry Placement

Why this is so important, what you need to get there and where it needs to take you...

Tools to think about needed to succeed in your future career.

  • We have an Industry Liasion Team that will 

    • Provide support and guidance in deciding your career path 

    • Help with interview and resume writing skills 

    • Keep you in the loop of  relevant job and experience opportunities 

  • Practical Experience - In addition to the work component our students are involved in all stages of experiential and real life events for the college

    • These events include pop-up restaurant, graduation ceremonies, open days & Wine Tasting Fest. 

    • Real Guests, Real patrons, Real employers, observing real industry representatives.

"The Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney and Kenvale College's industry placement program develops a strong link between theory and practical knowledge. It successfully nurtures hospitality professionals who are competent and confident on delivering 5 star service and exceeding guests' expectations."

Peter Tudehope, General Manager, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

How does industry Placement work?

Meet with our Industry Liaison Department

We believe in finding the best fir between an industry partner and one of our students. To ensure this, a team member from our Industry Liaison Department meet with each student to ascertain their interestes, experience and career aspirations.

From here, they will work with and help them secure employment. Our aim is to gradually improve a student's employability skills while increasing their exposure to the industry.

Work out your availability

Students can work in a part-time or in a casual role with one of our Industry Partners. We work with a broad range of companies from restaurants and hotels, to event venues and catering companies.

Get ready to go to work!

It's important for prospective students to understand that their placement is a real job. With hard work, dedication and a willingness to lear, your employer may present you with greater opportunities.

Students will most likely be offered an entry level position in their first year. If they would like, students are also able to organise their own casual or permanent part-time employment to complete their industry placement hours.

Unique OR Exclusively Kenvale Initiatives

An industry first approach to higher success in industry Placements

Get Real Events Experience Scholarship Program


Kenvale's Get Real Events Experience is a joint program run by Kenvale College in partnership with a number of industry establishments in Sydney, designed to give 10 selected students a real head start in their career with one week's workplace experience in a hospitality or events environment and the chance to win a scholarship to study at Kenvale College

Find out more

High Flyers Scholarship, Make a Lasting Impression

Earn yourself a partial scholarship in Hospitality, Cookery or Events

Find out more

Unique Points of Difference

The finer details that matter the most and Instill Student success and Student confidence


Dedicated lecturers with extensive and current industry experience


Small class sizes


Work integrated learning


A fun, supportive


Industry guest speakers


Field trips


Assessments that are based on real industry experiences


Our very successful
mentoring program

Some of the benefits

  • A personal journey
  • Every student knows every lecturer
  • Building confidence, together
  • Pride in the skills you learn
  • Uplifting and positive experiences
  • Not for profit
  • Nurturing environment
  • Industry professional mentoring and role models

An Industry of Global Opportunity

Hospitality is a global industry.

What's stopping you from travelling abroad and getting industry experience?

Discover the 'destination', destination 'Hospitality' where your passion can take you and the opportunities that come and those that will find you, when you
have a formal qualification. Time to get on your way. Start your hospitality journey

Ricardo Story in Cookery

Work and study at the same time

Benefits of concurrent work and study

We believe working and learning from industry professionals is one of the most effective ways for our talented students to become high-level industry professionals in their own right. You will be able to study and also earn money at the same time, giving you a perfectly well-rounded work and study experience that will be highly beneficial as you start building your career. This is why most of our students graduate already in employment. We help solve the issue of dealing with the stress of finding a job for our students.

A World of Personal Growth


Explore what the work-life balance is like in Hospitality Management

Let's discuss the work-life balance of a career in hospitality management.

  • Risk factors for hospitality workers
  • Senior management work-life balance
  • Work-life balance is in your hands
  • A mission for positive work-life balance


Benefits of Concurrent Work and Study

We surveyed our key stakeholders and received an overwhelming response from our industry partners, students and alumni in favour of concurrent work and study.

The benefits cited by them included:


Students can assimilate the theory
and skills in a real workplace


Students progress in their career, with some
gaining promotions while studying


Students are supported by the industry
and college at the same time


Students lean multitasking and team management skills that prepare them for the real world


Students have the opportunity to earn
and learn at the same time


Graduate Success Story

"Kenvale’s Combined Work and Study program gave me the skills and experience it took to gain a full-time job in a reputable company as soon as I finished my studies. The networking experiences and suggested work placements gave me so much knowledge in different areas. Whilst studying I was a food and beverage attendant for the Australian Turf Club and Rydges Parramatta. I also did two internships in my last year that involved lots of admin work meaning that not only did I get to experience the practical side of events I also did the administrative side. What we learned in college we would take to our workplace and apply on the daily. As someone who had never worked before college, it gave me the experience that every employer asks from any potential employee. I now work as a supervisor of over 100 employees at the new International Convention Centre Sydney."

Student life

"Student Life at Kenvale is a different journey for all enrolled. For me personally it meant a long travel back and forth from home, spending time with the best people in the world whilst learning and then applying the theory learnt in class to my workplace after college. It’s very easy to connect to people from all over the
world when you go to Kenvale and those connections stay with you for life. The people you meet become your support system to get you through all the ups and the downs that college life have to offer. I would be lying if I said it was easy but we had constant feedback to improve conditions, a mentoring program and dedicated staff who are determined to see you succeed."

— Aileen Tukala, Senior Customer Service Coordinator, International Convention Centre Sydney
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management and Event Management

Career Pathways

Served on a platter to you, by Kenvale
and the program it's created over 50 years.

What are some Career pathways and options available to me?

There are a lot of different career options in hospitality. There are front-of-house jobs where you can be customer facing, like being a waiter/waitress, host, hotel general manager, receptionist, door person, concierge and more. There are also behind-the-scenes jobs where you’re more involved in the background operations that keep everything running smoothly. This includes being a sous chef, line cook, kitchen manager, and expeditor. The great thing about studying anything in hospitality is that you will always have transferable skills, which will make you valuable in so many different areas.

Example of some Career Pathways

  • Area Manager or Operations Manager
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Cafe Owner or Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Club Secretary or Manager
  • Head Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Hotel Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Rooms Division Manager
  • Restaurant Manager

My Hospitality Study Options

Learn real life experience while studying and see where the experience can take you.

Pathways and Articulation

Our courses articulate into selected universities for our students who want to keep learning upon completion of their course.

Learning Never Stops

Pathway articulations are available to students who complete either the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and/or Advanced Diploma of Event Management. Students are eligible to receive recognised credits on certain units undertaken at Kenvale. This fast tracks finishing your undergraduate degree.

The University of Notre Dame, Sydney

Students who have completed the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and Advanced Diploma of Event Management are eligible for advanced entry into the Bachelor of Commerce.


Successful completion of Kenvale Education
24 months study at The University of Notre Dame, Sydney

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Public Relations)

The Hotel School in partnership with Southern Cross University

Students who have completed the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and/or the Advanced Diploma of Event Management can be given credit towards a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management.


Successful completion of Kenvale Education
18 months study at The Hotel School

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management


Where Hospitality, Events and Cookery intersect

Meet one of the industries most innovative concepts
The Kenvale Restaurant

Hospitality-Management Event-Management Commercial-Cookery

The Kenvale Restaurant is a student training facility, which is open to members of the public. The restaurant offers a high-quality three course meal and real-life dining experience folding in all aspects of a student's academic, training and experience needs, before experimenting in the workplace.

An image such an idea... it's a marvel of educational delight.

All of the dishes available at the restaurant are served and prepared by Kenvale students who work under the supervision of qualified lecturers.
Students in Hospitality courses carrying out their 'front of house roles', students in Event management preparing the lead up to each sitting and Students in Cookery processing orders in the kitchen and every student 'living up to their dreams.

This environment offers our students an opportunity to be properly trained and to serve paying customers, and provides them with valuable real-life experience.

You're welcome to and invited to visit the Kenvale Restaurant for a meal, book a table and get a 'taste' for yourself.


Call us on 02 9314 6213 or email rsvp@kenvale.edu.au.

Combined Qualifications

Why you should study hospitality and events

Alright, so both hospitality and events are growing industries in Australia. But they're two very different industries, right?

In fact, there is a lot of overlap, and the advantages for students who decide to study both hospitality and events are many. Here are a few:

 You probably won't stay in the same job your whole life

To succeed in an environment where you'll likely change direction, you need a set of skills that is transferable across different professions. This is why studying two areas can come in handy! You'll gain two sets of skills that can be used in the hospitality and events sectors, as well as the wider service industry, which will make you a more competitive candidate.

The skills you need for hospitality and events are very similar

When you run an event, there are always elements of hospitality - you need to deliver exceptional customer service, and serve food and beverages to attendees.

"The primary foundation of both the hospitality and events industry is built upon customer service, an element shared by each segment of both industries," says Mathew Paine, Director of Human Resources at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney.

Your job prospects will be greater

Having a qualification in both areas is very advantageous. Director of Kenvale College and industry expert Anne Zahra points out: "The industry doesn't just want pure events qualifications but events with some hospitality."

Set yourself up for success with an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and Events Management.


Download Hospitality Management Course Guide


Harrison Everett
Studying Combined Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and Event Management


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